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According to “Kamon”, written by surname and kamon researcher and professor Motoji Niwa, a kamon is “an emblem that symbolises the family name or title, and has traditionally been used to represent the house”.
Kamon have been used from the Heian period, along with the surname, to represent the house. When researching ancestry, these two are often inseparable.
Kamon app hosts the detailed information on over 7000 kamon, and is Japan’s largest. In addition, we receive additional information from our members which grows day by day.

At Kamon app, you can simply enter the name of the kamon or warlord you are interested in, and hit search to find out more. We strive to be a customer centric information site, with a vision of “ease of use, comprehensibility, and easy access”.
We occasionally update/add further details, and we aim to become an information repository that covers close to 100% of Japanese kamon.

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